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PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:35 pm 
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Hey there! Thanks for reading and welcome to the forums. I'll answer what questions I can here but some I can't, as they will come up later in the comic.

Sparrow941 wrote:
How much of the plot have you thought of? If you have thought of the entire plot, how easy/frequent is it changed?(After all, you said that this is probably going to take almost five years, surely some additions to the plot must manifest themselves from time to time.)

The basics of the entire story are pretty-much figured out, with a little bit of wiggle room. Rules on the Fog and a lot of the monsters are also mostly hammered out and I try and never contradict anything that came before if I have to adjust the rules at all. For smaller scene by scene stuff and where that needs expanding and deleting there is a LOT more wiggle room.

Sparrow941 wrote:
What’s going on in number 87 through 90. When Dang is exposed to the fog, she has a hallucination, but then in number 90, right before everything gets blown to hell, it seems like the fog has dissipated, and she is still standing. When the POW with long dark hair is exposed to the fog, she is affected almost immediately. She goes down and stays down. Is Dang immune to the fog, but doesn’t know it? The Gargoyles weren’t holding her, and were surprised when she was able to escape, indicating that her lack of reaction to the fog is abnormal.

The POW with the long black hair was exposed to the fog at some point before we first saw her. She was likely breathing it in for several minuted before she went down. That said, she was also not as tough as Dang, who likely could have lasted to full exposure like that a little longer due to simply being a well-traveled scavenger. She is not immune to the fog, but the fog retreated from the fire Dang caused, letting her recover (largely thanks to adrenaline) after less than a minute of exposure.

Sparrow941 wrote:
How long had the Penumbra been in Primrose, when the Gargoyle nave showed up? Or if, she was able to sneak in after occupation, how long had the Gargoyles been is Primrose?

Penumbra and Dang were in Primrose for under a day. They arrived before sunrise and left after sunset.

Sparrow941 wrote:
Does the fog turn humans into Gargoyles, or kill them? If it turns them, does it only work on females? (All the captives shown were women.)

A lot of people have asked if the fog makes humans into Gargoyles, and while that wasn't intended to be a mystery, I feel that I now need to give a solid explanation to that in the comic itself for all to see, rather than just in the forums. Whatever it does works just as well on males as on females.


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